A quick introduction.

If you’re reading this, let me just start off by saying thanks for the support.

I’ve been an avid music lover since I started off listening to my parents’ soundtracks on long car rides home down dark and quiet roads, or lounging around the house on lazy Sunday afternoons. So to be able to share this curious passion with all of you is…well, it’s awesome.

I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of changes and upgrades to come as I adapt to the learning curve, so thanks in advance for your patience.

But more importantly, I can’t wait to get this started. Stay tuned as I share you in on my favorite discoveries from online wandering and show bouncing. And there’s even more to come as I move forward and get a grip on this whole blog thing. Playlists? Interviews…with real, live artists?

…Who knows? The future’s kinda nebulous like that.

Also, if you’re a talented artist looking for a channel to strut your shit, or you’ve got an ear on something I just have to hear, don’t hesitate to contact me. The front page awaits.

Maybe this will blow up and I’ll be famous and make tons of money for sitting around in dark rooms listening to music…more likely, it’ll just be a fun side project. Either way,  I can’t tell you how stoked I am to move forward and see where this goes, so thanks for coming on this ride with me.

Until next time, keep on groovin’. I’ll do my part.


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