Music. Nothing compares to the intense, indescribable euphoria it makes accessible to me, whether I’m alone in my room, nodding to the beat in my headphones, or packed into a sea of a thousand raving fanatics.

There’s just nothing like it.

For years, friends have trusted me to provide the soundtrack for our lives and misadventures. Through Spotify and Soundcloud, I expanded my influence to an online audience, converting total strangers into loyal followers.

I’ve spent countless hours searching for new tracks and artists to satisfy my music fix.

I plan to spend countless more.

I guess creating my own channel was inevitable, so here it is: a showcase for the sounds that move me, an oasis for the restless audiophile in all of us. Regularly updated with the latest tracks and talent, for your aural pleasure.

So if you’re like me…if you seek comfort in lyrics, and rhythm makes you come alive…welcome home.