Kaleidoscope Playlist

This latest playlist is one for all the day trippers out there. The ones hitchhiking along the astral plane. Psychedelic, unearthly, surreal sounds guide your away from the here and now. Featuring sounds from the likes of Tame Impala, Pretty Lights, Glass Animals,  Radiohead, and more.

[Fresh Albums] Big Gigantic, Vince Staples, Isaiah Rashad

It’s a long, holiday weekend, meaning you’ve got plenty of time to go outside, spend time with family and friends…or sit in dark rooms and listen to great, new tunes. If you’re opting for the latter, we’ve got not one, not two…but THREE new albums hot off the presses for you.

For fans of electro-funky-awesomeness, Big Gigantic’s Brighter Future is for you. The album features collaborations with genre mainstays like GRiZ and hip-hop giants Logic, Waka Flocka, the up-and-comer Pell, and a lot more. This may favorite work from Gigantic yet, and that’s saying something. Awesome album from the first to the very last track.

For the hip-hop heads, we’ve got Vince Staples Prima Donna and Isaiah Rashad’s The Sun’s Tirade. Very different energy levels and vibes, but both great in their own rights. Fans won’t be disappointed.

Stream the albums below.

A New Phase: Track Round-Ups

So we’re going to start doing things a little bit differently around here. Rather than sporadically releasing single tracks as I come across them, I’ll be compiling my discoveries into playlists and uploading those, aiming to release on a more consistent basis.

This is all still in the early trial-and-error phase, so it doesn’t mean we’re necessarily cancelling out the old mode, but nothing lost by trying something new, right?

Anyway, enough talking. Here’s your first compilation. Enjoy the sounds.