RL Grime’s Halloween V

Halloweekend is finally upon us, folks. That means costumes, candy, copious amounts of alcohol, and, of course, RL Grime’s annual Halloween mixtape. Props for opening with the Stranger Things theme. We still can’t get enough of it.

Check it out.


Cameron Alan – Savage

I’ll admit, I hadn’t even heard of this guy before he popped up on my SoundCloud stream, but you best believe I’m keeping an eye on him now.

“Savage” opens with some melodious, Wave Racer-esque synth sounds before transitioning into some bangin’ trap and bass.

You can hear the track below. And if you like what you hear, consider showing support and give the dude’s profile a proper look.

Mr. Carmack’s Wild Ride

Any future bassheads out there? Well I’ve got some great news for you. The one-and-only Mr. Carmack just dropped a whole smorgasbord of fresh material on his SoundCloud. And I’m not just throwing that term around. I’m talkin 50+ new tracks.

My head’s still reeling as I try to play catch up, but here’s one I was digging as I got started down this rabbit hole.