RL Grime’s Halloween V

Halloweekend is finally upon us, folks. That means costumes, candy, copious amounts of alcohol, and, of course, RL Grime’s annual Halloween mixtape. Props for opening with the Stranger Things theme. We still can’t get enough of it.

Check it out.


GTA & What So Not – Feel It (feat. Tunji Ige)

GTA and What So Not producing together? This ought to be good.  And though Flume may no longer be a part of What So Not,  you can certainly still hear his influence here.

Check out the fresh new track below.


Feral Fauna – Tincture (Taylor Thomas & CRVE U Remix)

Powerful, undestated vocals set the mood. Then, just when a short-lived sax riff makes you think we’re staying in this territory, they bring in a jittery electronic melody and  frantic riff. Eventually, we find our way to the familiar beatkit to build up the hype.

I dig it. I think you will, too.

Listen below.

Daily Bread – Cloud Conductor

Between the soulful vocal samples, old-school instrumental accompaniment, and fantastically chill production, it seems this Daily Bread guy is taking some serious cues from Pretty Lights with this playlist. In fact, the similarities are so striking at times I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that this was a secret Derek Smith side project.

Some of my personal favorite tracks here include the breezy “Cloud Making”, which features a flute riff that I swear could have been performed by Ron Burgundy himself, and the hip-hop infused “The Storm”, featuring Obeah.

So sit back and fade into the clouds.

Gold Kiss – Feelings

On today’s menu, we’re featuring a deep house track courtesy of newcomer producer Gold Kiss.

“Feelings” typifies its sub-genre using  sleek, cool rhythms. The production is tight; it’s the sort of sound that makes you want to close your eyes and sway. If you like what you hear, show his SoundCloud some love.

Check it out below.

graves – No Sunshine

I’ve been listening to this track on repeat for weeks now, so I figured it was about time I brought you all into the loop.

The Honolulu-based graves brings some future style to cover the Bill Withers’ classic “Ain’t No Sunshine”, resulting in a track that gives a nod to the original while creating its its own fun, fresh, energetic identity. If graves isn’t on your watchlist already, he will be after this.

Check it out below.

Cameron Alan – Savage

I’ll admit, I hadn’t even heard of this guy before he popped up on my SoundCloud stream, but you best believe I’m keeping an eye on him now.

“Savage” opens with some melodious, Wave Racer-esque synth sounds before transitioning into some bangin’ trap and bass.

You can hear the track below. And if you like what you hear, consider showing support and give the dude’s profile a proper look.