SPOTLIGHT: Phantogram – Three

Phantogram’s latest album is full of tight production, haunting vocal melodies, and, all around, a fantastic effort.

Stream below.


Frank Ocean – Blonde [Spotify Release]

Welp, it’s finally here. After two weeks of patiently waiting for Frank’s long-awaited album to end its Apple Music exclusivity, “Blonde” is finally available to us mere mortals who refuse to abandon Spotify. Listen below.

[ALBUM] Atmosphere – Fishing Blues

This hip-hop duo is in my personal lyricist Hall of Fame, so you know I’m excited for their latest release.

Introspective, moody, self-deprecating, and all the while, somehow still highly enjoyable listening. How they pull of such a delicate balancing act, I’ll never know. But I do know I’ll be playing this for a while to come.

Check it out below.


ZHU has just dropped his latest album, GENERATIONWHY, and I’m so ready for it that I’m posting before I’ve even had a chance to finish listening, just so I could get the drop and make sure all you fine people have some great new electronic to listen to this morning (noon for you east coasters).

The album features the single “Working For It” featuring Skrillex, and I already know I f*ck with that track, so I’ve got nothing but confidence in what else lies in store.

Listen to the full album below.

*Note: It seems Spotify is having a little temper tantrum right now and isn’t embedding properly. We apologize as we try to fix this issue.

twenty one pilots – Heathens

Another Comic-Con has come and gone, and with it, a gluttony of trailers to drool over. Among them was the latest trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad. And while the internet has been blowing its collective load over “Purple Lamborghini, the new Skrillex/Rick Ross track made for the film, I found myself attracted to a different sound. I tried Shazam’ing, to no avail. But after a little digging, I found it.

Turned out to be some new twenty one pilots. The new single is called “Heathens”, their first since the release of their breakout album Blurryface. It opens  with reserved piano accompaniment before the beat drops in, but the melancholic soul stays for the entirety.

Listen below.

Marian Hill – Act One

Ever since I first stumbled on their singles “Down” and “Got It”, I knew this duo had something special going on. Now they’ve released their first full-length album, and I’m happy to report they’re keeping up the good work. Minimalist electronic production, cool vocals cut to funky perfection, and some fantastically unique sampling make this album a gem, worthy of the blog’s first post.

Give it a listen below.